Saturday, March 19, 2005

Little GYAN from me too........

Strengths we need to succeed....

My learnings from the Temple of Learning - BIM

1. Learn the power of Team work. A few ordinary people who can work together, can do more good than one hundred geniuses who cant work with anyone else.

2. Your second thought on any subject is usually better than the first so think before you speak or communicate.

3. Avoid criticism and comparision with others. it will only make you vain or bitter. Either way you will not be able to help yourself or your clansmen.

4. Be curious about yourself, your life, your environment and your world. Curiosity is the beginning of real learning. It can take you to new opportunities beyond old frontiers of experience, tradition and habits. Curiosity can help you to learn new things and apply old knowledge in new ways. This will help you to succeed in competition.

5. Commit yourself to Continuous improvement, Culture change (evolution), Quality consciousness in the smallest of things, Firm foundation, All round growth, High Aspirations.

Remember as a BIMITE you have so much guts and energy that nothing can stop you from succeding - except yourself ................

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