Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Even after the two days of rains in Delhi nothing has changed in the weather, its back to the humid and very uncomfortable days. So as many of you should be doing, staying all day in office was a better solution to face the heat of the afternoon sun, well even I tried that way only to find myself too bored and depressed and also it was unhealthy to both my health and health of my profession as a marketer. So back I am on the fields braving the heat and humidity of the Delhi. But now that I have seen both the extremes of Delhi, I understand it’s the specialty of Delhi and way the nature wants to train its people to face the world. I think I should do a little research on “if the climatic conditions have any connections to the way people behave in a particular place”. My arguments supporting this will be the behavior of people in Delhi, a little harsh, a sort of rough and tough like the weather and the behavior and that of the behavior of the people from Coimbatore, where the people are a soft and pleasant of course like the weather always any one who has enough time and energy can do a bit of more study on this and may let me know.

After seeing the scenes of Mumbai blast(thanks to the news channels who on their fight to increase the TRPs showed us the most comprehensive footages), I just feel helpless, helpless for being in a country that in the name of being a peace loving nation fails to take the necessary action to curb those element who distort the peace. Can we just take some action against those elements like how the countries in the West Asia react to? Just see the same news what Israel has done to Lebanon for killing its soldiers. Can we not react or retaliate in the same way against the elements that we think are responsible, instead of just walking out of meetings or condemning in the public? When is India going to get a strong backbone and stand up strong against the acts of terrorism?

Thinking more on this India cannot retaliate like Israel because;
1. Israel is far more superior to its neighbours in terms of military strength, whereas if we consider India it’s a question concerning the neighbour is a country with nuclear capability.
2. Israel has full backing of Washington, which India can only dream of.

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dkbhatter said...

Actually partha, come to think of it, the environment around us really makes us what we are . And its not only the behaviour with respect to the conditions existing at that point of time..its a more subtle process...

A coimbatorean even at Delhi, you bet , he will be as pleasant as in coimbatore !