Friday, March 09, 2007

Stereo typing of youth in media

What you find above is a front page article in a leading newspaper , the day after the Pune Rave party raid. I totally find these type of journalism wierd. They have taken a huge dig on the whole IT/ITES workers in the country.

For those of you who could not read the above piece , here are a few snippets from the above master piece.

-The IT /ITES guys get lots of money at an young age. They dont know how to spend the money they earn , so this leads to a lavish life style.They also get the opportunuty to go abroad and which spoils them more.

-The stress levels in these industries are more so they get 2 days off per week. And also the companies organises parties to beat stress, where the guys learn to drink and take to partying and dancing with women. The dance helps in development of intimacy between the couple which leads to an intercourse.

This article also goes on to discuss the disc culture in cities and how the spoil the youth.

I have always thought that the guys who write in the papers (atleast the front page articles) are well informed and maintain the a non -biased attitude before they write an article. This hardly stands up to any of teh expectations.

In a country which, in the disguise of celebrating HOLI lets loose all its inhibitions in the streets , I hardly find any reason to panic if a person goes to a disc or dances with a person from the opposite gender


Sara said...

The money minded media need sthy to munch.This has become like a habit to the media.Infact Aaj Tak and CNN-IBN are like fore runners. they kind of do stereo typing to ethy observed and pass a moral judgment (typically through their SMS compeitions).

Everybody talks about culture disruption..Who is gonna take ownership for the caste system in India ?.

I remember Winfrey Oprah asking aishwarya whether the house wife practises Kamasutra in India(What crap ? typical stereo typing)

tudinesh said...

see partying and drinking is to beat stress which the media need not bother about ...

but the IT guys make some quick bucks and don mind spending it which results in inflation ... how much was a movie ticket at satyam 5 years back and how much it is now ... its up by 3 times, blame the IT boom