Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Being a student of marketing , I was time and again told "Customer is the king" and if I borrow a quote from Gandhi, he has said " Customer is the most important vistor in your premises"

Certainly its obvious that anyone who is in the service industry was of the same opinion as the about quote reveal.

My belief took a beating when I visited KARAIKUDI , an upmarket restraunt in Tiruvanmiyur , Close to where I stay in Chennai ,with my friends for lunch on the sunday. This was one decent restraunt , as the food was pretty decent than the restraunts nearby.

This is converstaion that happened between me and the waiter.

Me: (in hushed tone): Boss, both my previous experiences were not that great on the service part. But I have brought my friends here today,so please take care of the service.

Waiter(loud voice):Sir we cant assure you of the service, it can be bad as well, dont complain at the end.

Me: (in hushed tone):Boss, listen, dont shout , they are my guests, try and manage to provide a good service, so as not to disappoint.

Waiter(loud voice):Sir am again saying , we cant assure anything, its sunday and we are all busy

By this time I was frustrated to sit there any further and we all went to a ok type one which cared to take care of the service.

This was not only with us, while we were leaving we could hear an irrate customer shouting at the manager for making his family sit on a dirty table for half an hour.

Tamilnadu is known for treating guests, and Karaikudi an example for the virunthombal. Its quite disappointing to see such a name being slaughtered by irresponsible few.

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