Thursday, September 25, 2008

Innovative promotions

The ban of hoarding in TN has resulted in two things

1. The political parties get all the skyline in the state to project their loyalty by putting up hardings across the state.

2. The film producers/exhibitors becoming more innovative in reaching out to the people.

Apart from the regular wall posters , these days we also find even buffalos being used to promote the movies.

Recently when I was commuting to office on the local AC bus, I was given this ticket

I was pleasantly surprised by the unconventional medium used to promote the unconventional movie

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dkbhatter said...

Ban of hoardings unfortunately has led to the truth that our city is not green as it could have the sun soaking you straight even at 7 in the morning..maybe a good opportunity to plant a lot of trees to get the shade back in..