Wednesday, February 02, 2005

felt like sharing with u

Letting go someone you love is the hardest thing,Because you still love them inside,You don’t know what to do,When you can’t stop crying,You don’t have the motivation to let her go,You don’t have the strength to stop loving her,You don’t have the things you use to have,Because now you’re life is dim,

You thought at the beginning she was your everythingBut then everything started to change,You tried to make it work,But she became strange,She told me she loved me,And I believed her words,Now I can’t let her go,Because she still makes my heart fly like a bird,
I always thought she was the only person for me,Because the way she made me feel,But I was wrong,Because now my heart can't healed,

Even though it's hard to move on,I still gotta care this pain in my heart,I still gotta keep my head up,Even when you tared me apart,I felt alone,And unloved,I thought she was the only person for me,That god sent from above,She keeps leading me on,A world that didn’t exist,A love that I thought was meant to be,A love that I couldn’t resist,

But you wasted my time,And my tears,You did nothing for me,For the past year,
Even though it’s hard for me to do this,But I gotta say goodbye,Because what you doing to be isn't heathly for me,And for my Mind..
Learn to let you go..

PS: Thanks to HOWA

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