Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The days so far !!!

Its been seven months since i came to Calcutta, these months have been a period of learning and transition from th epampered, looked after public school kid to that of independent, and more confident individual that I am today.I wonder if the same thing would have happened if I had been in Chennai or Bangalore instead of Calcutta.In Chennai or Bangalore I would still be under the wings of so many who care about me. But Calcutta where I had been left to fend for myself has taught me just not only life but something more than that.this City of joy, which was the place of all the sorrows in the beginning of june when I landed here first has taught me the sweet essence of life in the months I have been here.
The city , like anyother has its own ups , downs , woes, and worries. The city through the eyes of a new comer is nothing more than a sleeping city with full of poverty and red politics, but as you stay here for a extended period of time , one learns to see the joyful part of the city.There's more harmony in everything thats found in Calcutta than anyother city that I have visited.Everything here is exciting , the peolpe , the climate, the roads and of course the puja pandals.Theres always a celebration in the inds of the people , its either the celebration of the religion, or views or art. The life in Calcutta suddenly seems to be a long festive season. As, I take the Metro everyday to office , i realise that it would be tough to commute through the local transport when I go to places like Chennai or Bangalore.It would be tough to miss the comfort of the Metro , the fun at the pubs and ofcourse the laid back attitude that exists here .But all these comes at a price, the sky rocketing mobile bills, unpalatable mustard oil cooked food, and of course missing the people I love the most.
Does this all equate to the gains from the city, I feel certainly not. Whatever the condition be, whatever the reason be, I always miss my home and will always wait for a chance to be there. Whatever we earn, whatever we learn , its all to live life.
So live life kingsize !!!!

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