Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year 2006

Hope everyone reading this piece of writing had a great new year bash....!!!

My new year did not start on a great note.. what would say when you go to a disc and your entry is turned down even though you had an invite from the Disc but you did not have a girl who can accompany you.. I faced just the same, I had gone to one of the famous joints to celebrate the new year but only to be turned down as I did not have a female partner.. Though much is spoken about discrimination of women no one really comes forward to speak for men...
Ok lets leave that.. let me atleast follow my new year resolution " Think Positive"
How do I take this positively..?
  • I was not allowed 'coz they did not want me to waste my energy
  • T was not allowed 'coz the security felt I was too good to drink

And you guys can pour in your grey cells so that I may be able to get a " positive" thing out of this episode.

Otherwise it was a great beginning ...And hope this year fulfills all our dreams and hopes.

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