Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sleepless in Calcutta

Its always a great feeling when you do something for your alma matter which has helped you reach top a respectable position in the society.. thats my feeling when I work for the event " Sleepless in Calcutta" , a event relating to the management concepts which can be unearthed from the popular movies. And also I feel this will be the first management seminar to be held in a movie hall... We are organising this event on the behalf of the Bharathidasan Institute of Management Trichy Alumni Association (Calcutta Chapter).
The event will take place in Inox at Forum Mall in Calcutta. We have invited three speakers who will take movie clips from various popular movies and elucidate the management concepts hidden in them.
The main brain behind the event is Abhisek from the 16th batch of BIM who has been sleepless for the past 2 months to organise this event. The event is on 22nd January Sunday.