Monday, January 16, 2006

Guys Must be Crazy

“These Guys must be crazy yaar”, Asha suddenly remarked while adoring herself in the mirror.

Her roommate priya who was busily playing Minesweeper in her laptop, turned to Asha and asked, “c’mon, ma’m wat talking about Guys suddenly……watz the matter?”

Asha : True yaar, these guys must be crazy…… I think they do all sort of stupid things if they fall in love
Priya : aaha, Asha…what happened pa, suddenly you talking about love…who is that idiot ? Asha : Hey keep quiet ok! Me already in anger……. You don’t try to tease me further
Priya : hahaha, you angry… see yourself in the mirror…… your drooling is quite apparent… Tell me whoz that guy who made you talk about love all of the sudden
Asha : our next cubicle northie yaar, Vikram I mean…… He is following me wherever I go
Priya (surprised) : What you mean Vikram? Hey come so many girls in our office are drooling about him…….. don’t just blush ok? You shouldn’t lie too much esp when you are seeing urself in the mirror
Asha : hey come on yaar, you know, that day in FC, I went to wash my hands. All other taps were free only. But this guy purposely waited and came to the tap where I washed my hands after I went…
Priya : hmmph.. Big deal……. This is more feebler than BSNL signal… (shakes her head) I cant accept this as a Love signal
Asha : wait wait. Even I didn’t think it as a big issue. But yesterday no, after finished with my dinner, I missed my mobile in the desk while leaving. When I came back to pick it up, I noticed this Vikram picking up my paper towel and put in his pocket. What would you say for this? Priya : Really??? Do u mean it
Asha : hey true yaar…… thatz why I said…… these guys are all crazy…… they tend to do all sorts of stupid things for love and romance
Priya : aah..dont tell me you didn’t like that
Asha : hehe thatz a different story J ….. you come with me to Food court today.. I’ll show you live action today

That afternoon........Priya and Asha dine together in the Food court. Vikram who enters the Food court at the same time, takes the seat just behind them.

Asha : Look where he is sitting
Priya : O.K O.K.. Relax Both finish their lunch and go to wash their hand.

As they return they see Vikram standing near the place where they had their lunch

Asha : Now see what he does
Priya : Wait , wait
Vikram looks here and there, after getting convinced no one is around, picks up the tumbler that was used by Asha during her lunch.
Asha : (triumphant smile) What do yaa say now?
Priya : Yep yep, Guys must be crazy only…… I will go and catch that Vikram red handedly Asha : hey relax priya, Me feeling shy
Priya : hello this is not a murali film story to keep postponing love proposal until a railway station climax. You just wait here
Priya straightly goes to Vikram, who is quiet surprised to see her..
Vikram : Hi do u do
Priya : Dei, what are u doing da
Vikram : err..whatz the matter pri?
Priya : Watz the tumbler u are holding in ur hand
Vikram : oh this one ah? This is your friend Asha’s work. Arrey, she is so careless yaar… Whenever she goes to wash her hands in the wash basin, she leaves the tap open and let water go waste. She never disposes of the paper towel, once she is done with lunch and leaves it there itself. See even now, she doesn’t even care to keep the tumbler back in the place. How many times you expect me to keep reminding in mails as part of the cleanliness initiative of the week. Nobody cares.. see, for being a volunteer what sort of job I have to do. Regardless of the number of posts in the bulletin about etiquette nobody cares to listen…”

Saying this, a disgusted vikram goes to pick up the tumbler in the next desk. An apparently shocked Asha could not mutter any other words except mumbling

(Thanks to my friend Zaheer Abbas for sending this one.. I really liked this one , so it finds a place here)

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