Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Me Myself!!!

......."newspaper business has an inbuilt system to take care of this. journalists like to call that a chinese wall, or lakshman rekha, between the editorial and ad departments. for those in the editorial department, reader is the customer, and it is him, and only him they have to serve. for the ad guys, advertiser is the customer. the job of the management is to make sure that these two serve their respective customers without breaching the wall......."

this is an interesting observation on the media industry, being a relatively new insider in the media biz , i completely agree with the fact that 'lakshman rekha' or the 'chinese wall' has to be maintained and following that or not is totally depends on the top management.So today you will always find a newspaper who will write anything to satisfy an advertiser and in turn get more revenue and papers that have a wall built between the ad dept and the editorial.

More over the scope of media companies have gone beyond serving the people with latest news, its much more than news , the print media has very many competitors, they range from the other players in print media, tv, radio, outdoor medium like the one you find in krishna sweets or Mc Donalds, those large display syou find in malls, sms, internet,and growing by the day.

These new media which have sprung up only put the print business in not so favourable light, thats one of the major reason why these days the 'traditionally print majors' have gone in for investment in various other media, like radio, television, internet. And also led companies to find other sources of revenue from the print , like books ( the B-School guide from Businessworld,the speaking tree from Times of India,and so on)

though the comfort zone of the advertisers in print has been breached , no doubt print will always remain to rule the roost and continue to grow in this very competitive media world..

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