Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nothing Frivolous. Only Serious: The battle for free newspapers

Nothing Frivolous. Only Serious: The battle for free newspapers

Reading this entry , its quite interesting why in India we have not tried the free newspaper route.

Let me think aloud why the free newspaper route may not work in India

Quality of the paper will have to take a beating, as anyone and everyone will pick your paper. Now here the question arises, what do we mean by quality and 'everyone will pick your paper'.

When we talk about the quality of the paper , it dwells on the fact about how a newspaper is being produced, the low costs today atleast help the newspapers manage some part of cost involved in talking the papers to the readers. In today's scenario there are little too strong competition in the country for a new entrant to come in and survive.

THen what do we mean by ''everyone will pick your paper', it talks about the quality of readership, today the major fighting ground for the print media is to garner maximum readership among the classes that actually spend defined clearly by Socio Economic Classifications, so when we are talking about SECs , how will we make our free paper to reach the right audience in a larger scale. This is the major reason why an Anna nagar times or a Noida times can exist in smaller location but not on a major scale

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