Friday, April 01, 2005

Comments about me in Nostalgia.....( I never knew people loved me so much)

He is a "pothu arivu freak"- leave alone his arivu, pothuva sollaren. He proclaims himself to be the perfect HR guy, but dare he does so for the benefit of his employees. This guy has such a good command over the language and a learning aptitude that he gets you by surprise cos he doesn’t actually seem so.

He has a nice charm and a smile that gets him going through his rough times. He is a " hardcore " member of ZETETICA, though what or who from the 19thbatch influenced him is a mystery. But one should appreciate his passion for HR and its activities in campus. He was one guy who was fortunate enough to get settled in BIM. He met his sweetheart in BIM and their rendezvous happened every Thursday 2.30 pm to 11 pm. And some "special" classes in room no. 9 during the weekends. In spite of being rebuked in public many times by his sweetheart, Partha could'nt let his love go. . Wondering who it is?? Namma Marathadi munivar Sadagoppan dhaan...Poor Partha becomes a lamb for slaughter at the hands of Shadagopan Sir for little crimes committed by him or others. For one, his passion even drove him to bear the awry ways and snide remarks of his guru .
A HR person turned marketer! Partha, as his friends would say, is a nice, pleasant person to be with and is nice to talk to. He secretly hopes to do his research in some foreign university. A Guy who is found 18 hours in the CC and 6 hours in his room. During his time in CC he collects materials regarding HR, Marketing etc. He also gives advice/ counseling free of cost to all first year gals. He plans a lot about his professional life, works in that path to scale great heights as soon as possible. He is a self-motivated person with veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy high self esteem.

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