Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Batch at Sainik School Amaravathi Nagar, one of the elite batches in the Sainik History Posted by Hello

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Raja said...

Dear Parthasarathy (Man),
this is yazh here (i dunno who you are...but just was browsing this blog and saw OUR sainik school pic..i could not trace you in that pic..i was part of chera house and i really don't know which batch..for your identification..i was with Nagendrakumar, sathyanarayanan, edward..all athletes..and to say in chola house..kirubakaran (fat guy)..rajeev(one blacky)..nice to see one AAA of SSA...after a long time.. i could not see even my own batch ppl..till this time..i could only trace the school vice captain and komal sing yadav in that pic..VC was my best friend..he used to give me "murka" often joviosly...anyway nice talking to you...waiting for your reply..you can reply me @ yagaa@hexaware.com