Saturday, April 02, 2005

Only You..!

A perfect girls sketch,
Brought to life by God's poetical touch,
Is the girl about whom i am always think much.

To think about her its nice,
Especially her innocent little eyes,
Holds my heart firmly like a vice.

My eye lens searches for her and zooms,
If ever a snap is taken, my heart blooms.

Each time i meet her eyes in close-up,
What to say? My heart Chills-up !

Between me and her eye lash,
Whenever there is a clash,
I always face a defeat,
Still waiting for the clash to repeat.

So understanding she is, like a loving mother,
NEVER from my heart she is going to wither.

Oh Dear!
You are my bride,
You are my pride.
You are my breathe,
Without you for me it only DEATH.

An Admirer in ME!
Jai Prakash R S

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